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Make it public: Traditional and Digital Advertising

Advertising is part of our culture. We associate some products or services with pleasure, entertainment, lifestyle or personal values. Both in traditional and digital advertising, this association lies beneath any successful campaign. Conventional channels (Outdoors, Broadcasting, Print) have worked in that direction for quite some time. They are still part of our lives. However, there are other digital-oriented ways of engaging customers. 

Suppose you want to discover different and effective methods of being visible with relevant and tailored campaigns. In that case, we will explore it together in this post.

Digital Advertising: Finding new ways to be seen

Let’s travel to the past for a while.

We all remember some TV commercials from our childhood, and we associate some pleasant memories with them: The excitement about school breaking up for the summer holidays, the coming Christmas season… we can relate to those feelings. Brands already knew they had to connect with people’s feelings.

Let’s come back to the present.

Make something public and bring attention to it. That’s basically advertising. As technology is very present in our lives, businesses are constantly looking for new ways to advertise their products or services.

    1. How does your company communicate its purpose nowadays?
    2. Are you still using traditional channels: print ads and company brochures?
    3. Or maybe you are also interested in the online world’s new possibilities?

It is not a question of leaving behind all the traditional methods but opening up to new possibilities, finding the right combination between the old and the new that works for your business.

Let´s get digital: Clients have something to say

We are all together in this vast online community, and Digital Advertising is now the primary way to promote your business. It can be defined as any advertising action on social media (SoMe) pages, apps, web browsers etc., through the Internet.

Digital Advertising will allow your company to:

    1. Be where your key clients are
    2. Speak the same language
    3. Grow together

What is more, you will be able to monitor your strategies in real time. As we all are creating hand in hand, click per click, this digital system, interactions work bi-directionally. Customers are showing their preferences through their buying and online searching patterns. Companies receive constant and direct feedback from clients, who are not mere message or content receivers anymore. They are communicators as well.

🤔 Likes, followers, comments and private messages are organic signs that show that customers have a voice in the digital advertising context.

Benefits from digital advertising

Let’s mention some of them:

Segmenting your audience gets easy: You find out about your audience’s preferences, buying habits, and lifestyle. Then, your message gets personal and tailored. Reaching out to the masses is not a priority anymore. You are focused on the potential clients for your business instead.

🤔 Let’s take the newspaper ad. Even if readers matched the company’s target demography, most wouldn’t be interested in the product or service.

Measuring the impact of your campaigns in real-time: It gets easier for organisations to calculate their Return on Investment. (ROI)

The ROI in B2B allows a company to identify how well a marketing action has performed compared with others. You can monitor how your campaigns perform.

🤔 Let’s consider Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. Companies will pay Google every time a prospect clicks through to their website. Daily or monthly budget is set in advance. Moreover, the number of visitors is perfectly measurable at any time.

Flexibility: The content of your campaign can be edited or updated at a later date if necessary. And at a much lower cost.

🤔 Compelling links can be attached. Click and read content offer clients a certain feeling of control and freedom, as they can personalise their advertising exposure.

Creating brand awareness: Standing out from the crowd becomes essential.

🤔 As chances to reach customers from different parts of the world (even zone times) increase, so do online users’ options to buy from your competitors. Therefore, the more visible you are, the better.

Clients become choosier because there is more to choose from. So, maybe the point is not only to be chosen but to be the one who chooses clients as well. How to do that?

Following, you will find some of the channels you should be already using.

    1. Search Engine Marketing (SEM), E.g. Google Ads
    2. Social media (SoMe), E.g. Facebook Ads
    3. Streaming, E.g. YouTube
🤔 The right analysis of data leads to more efficiency when planning an digital advertising campaign. 

The above-mentioned platforms will allow your organisation to adopt a more client-led approach. That means not only offering what you have but, thanks to data, finding out what people might need.

Examples of Digital Advertising

Here are some practical examples:

Email Marketing

For sure, this is a great way to talk to your audience. You can personalise your messages and offer relevant content. As a result, your visibility increases, and you become closer to your readers. These get a more approachable idea of your brand and feel more confident to reach you.

Display Advertising

A more visual strategy that quickly catches people’s attention.

Banners or ads on specific websites that cover your audience’s interests. Visual material is always a tempting one to click on.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

A set of techniques that boost your organic traffic search results. Unlike other paid strategies we have seen, here, you can’t pay search engines to rank your website among the main results. Some of these techniques are:

    1. Focusing on keyword research. Find relevant words you want to rank for, and include them in your content.
    2. Optimising your current content. That always pays off. As you update old posts, you generate new fresh content as well.
    3. Offering relevant posts. You even increase your chances that others link to your blog or site.
SoMe ads

Definitely, companies have to “be social”. You get greater brand exposure, and Search Engines count social sharing when ranking. Used in an organic or paid way, SoMe is non-negotiable.

Summing up: Be present online. Your clients are waiting

    • The Online world is fast-paced, so your business has to be ready to introduce the necessary changes at any time. Digital advertising is flexible, easily measurable, and personalised.
    • The Offline life still offers many opportunities to increase visibility. Companies can benefit from using traditional methods as well.

Come to think of it, we are part of both systems. So, even though some bus shelter advertising still grabs our attention, we must grow digitally.

At Acebo, as a digital growth agency, we have the digital expertise to guide you to success. Contact us today and see your options.

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