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A Webinar as a road to lead generation is an essential part of your Marketing strategy.

Are you looking to start an online project and need help figuring out where to begin? Does your business idea require a kickstart and momentum? At Acebo, our mission is to help you with the digital transformation you are looking for. We have the talent, experience, drive, and necessary tools to make it possible. Stick around!

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What is a Webinar?

They are online video presentations, seminars, workshops or lectures delivered via the Internet. A webinar offers a dynamic and interactive experience. That interaction can, in fact, starts even before the event.

💡In order to draw in more participants, you can ask your audience questions or topics they would like to be talked about on the webinar.

😀Viewers turn up because somehow, they feel they´re already part of it. During the webinar, attendees can ask questions, comment, and take a survey…those are excellent engagement examples.

At Acebo, we take care of every step of the process. So, you will be supported before, during and after the event. 📩📞Contact us today to find out more.

On the other hand, a CRM (Customer relationship management) is built around assisting human sales agents. The human touch is what makes all the difference in sales, as any professional will tell you. A CRM gears the assets, tools, frameworks, and resources of these products towards a complex marketing and sales process. For this reason, many of these tools are directly related to sales tasks in an intuitive and uniquely human way.

What does a Webinar offer you?

As with any marketing tool, a webinar is here to help you achieve your company’s goals. And specially a webinar is a road to lead generation and value increment.

😀 The more specific your goals, the easier for your company to reach them and track their impact.

Your ROI , return on investment, should also be part of your digital strategy. That estimation will help you reach your objectives. Try to be specific. Quantitative goals will be easier to measure.

 💲B2B marketers generate 500 to 1,000 leads per event. What’s more, the average conversion rate for webinars is 55%

Can I use Skype or Google Hangouts for Webinars?

We know you are serious about your B2B business. So, when choosing a webinar solution, you will look for a serious and expert company to assist you during the entire process.

Neither Skype nor Google Hangouts are reliable ways to run a webinar. These platforms do not include the essential features you need for your event.

At Acebo, however, we work with reliable webinar platforms such as webinar funnels, automated follow-up campaigns and communication. We know exactly what to use and how to use it.

Here at Acebo, some of the areas we specialize in are marketing automation, account-based marketing, lead generation, analytics, as well as the implementation of B2B technologies.

While we are capable of doing a bit of everything for almost any type of client out there, however, we are not a “generalist” agency, we are a specialized one. We provide our expertise in both sector experience as well as implementation/channel/tactics.

Why should you choose Acebo to set up a Webinar?

Experience matters. We do have experience in setting up successful webinars. At Acebo, we provide various webinar services, from landing page creation, platform training, and email marketing, to marketing automation In addition, we offer both customised package plans and stand-alone services.

We are also aware that every client is different. Therefore, we treat each of them with exclusivity.

At Acebo, we are experts in taking care of everything required to set up a successful webinar for your company. Not only that but you also will be supported during the entire process.

However, we are open to helping clients get started, whether you are a small business, an early-stage startup, or a medium to large company that is looking to move beyond traditional marketing and onto digital transformation. We have experience with all shapes and sizes of business.

In terms of business size, our smallest client has a team of about 10 people and our largest client employs tens of thousands of employees.

If you’re interested to know more, please contact us!