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Email marketing: Clients want to hear from you

In today’s hyper-connected and digital society, more than ever, information is shared in every interaction. Our personality is behind every online action, especially when we talk about email marketing. The way companies and clients send and respond to messages (length, content, time, channel) is determined by our preferences and needs.

Marketing is constantly trying to share information and to get the most out of it. One of the most personalised, cost-efficient ways a brand must be seen nowadays is by email. Are we seriously talking here about email? Yes!

That tool seems to belong to the past if you compare it with social media (SoMe) or Instant Messaging apps. However, email continues to stay relevant today. Having at least one email account is very common.

If you are running a business and still not using email marketing, by the end of this post, you will.

Benefits of email marketing

By implementing an email marketing strategy, not only are you increasing your visibility, but also in an effective way. In addition, you are reducing costs if you compare it with other campaigns as you can personalise and segment them. No additional time is required. It is an automatic process.

Email Marketing offers many benefits:

Reinforcing your corporate image: Email marketing allows you to show a solid corporate image. Besides, you can share your mission and brand culture and start a conversation with your subscribers.

We know that in business, being competent is not enough, you have to show it systematically. By sending recurring emails, you will show your readers everything you want to highlight. You will share with your audience your current projects, new products, and all you can do to improve your client’s business and lifestyle.

🤔 Little by little, your key clients will get to know you, and you will be top of mind when thinking of your industry or type of products.
Saving both time and money: Let’s face it, we all are busy. We appreciate both our time and money, and when it comes to business, we are happy to use our time on what we are good at and our money on what helps us reach that goal.
🤔 You don’t have to pay for any print (you save money). Email marketing campaigns don’t take so long to produce (you save time).
Not intrusive: Your subscribers have opted-in to your messages. They have downloaded some relevant content you offer on your website (an example of a lead magnet), and they have willingly signed up for your email list.

They will be more than happy to get your updates. They will feel respected and taken care of, which will help your self-promotion to be seen positively.

Reaching the right audience at the right time: Email marketing lets you optimise your resources to reach the right audience with the appropriate content. You will send those potential clients what they are willing to receive. This shared information will become valuable to them.

We are all used to checking our emails every day. So, by using email marketing, you are somehow “visiting” your key clients without being invasive. You are welcome to their email inbox.

🤔 You can also take into account time zones to improve your chances of being read in time for a promotion.

Nurturing content: With those regular emails, you are nurturing your audience with relevant content that meets their needs and curiosity. It is like watering a plant, not too much, not too little. You will engage your subscribers by segmenting your campaigns and offering pertinent content.

🤔 You create the most direct and caring approach by including a contact’s name in the email. As a result, customer loyalty is being generated even before they buy from you.

Let’s talk about implementation

When implementing an email marketing campaign, you should consider different aspects.

Planning your Email Marketing campaign: What do you want to communicate? When? To whom?

Define your public and segment it. Then, you will know what you have to offer to attract those key clients and keep them coming back.

Words matter. So do images. Give your subscribers a substantial reason to read your content on a regular basis.

🤔 Invest some time and resources in elaborating an attractive and valuable message that engages your subscribers.
Making your content mobile-friendly: Nowadays, more individuals tend to be mobile-only users. Therefore, you need to make sure your emails are readable on those devices. The more precise and attractive you present your message, the more positive attitude your readers will have towards your content.

Using the right software. Email automation: You follow up with your readers without being physically present to hit the send button. The benefits of marketing automation on email marketing are easy to spot. Let’s see some of them:

  • First, those campaigns have a more significant impact because you can know who has read your message.
  • Second, you know when your readers open your emails.
  • Finally, if they click on your blog or website links, you can be notified.

This process is automatic. The right software will provide the tools needed to implement it.

Creating an email list: In order to do so, you need to attract subscribers. How? Here you will find different ways:

  • Free high-quality content can be easily downloaded from your landing page.
  • Webinars that offer relevant information about a particular field or industry your key clients could be interested in. They register for those events via email.
  • A corporate blog where you will share your expertise and a subscription form.
  • Links on social media to drive traffic to your landing pages.
🤔 You can offer an ebook or a business-related report on your website. Your potential clients will have to sign up for your email list.

Summing up: email marketing impact

Undoubtedly, you will want to know the success of any strategies you implement in your business. Many email tracking tools will enable you to measure the impact of your Email Marketing campaign.

Your audience is willing to hear from you. And you are for sure eager to show what you are capable of. Sending and getting a new email can be a satisfying experience for both sides, brand and customer.

It’s your business. Take it personally. At Acebo, we will automate it for you.

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