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Data-driven marketing means better customer insights

Have you heard about data-driven marketing and its many benefits? It doesn’t matter if you are a marketing expert or not. This post is the right place for you!

The introduction above is not just a catchy open line but the promise of an interesting reflection on how the digital business world works nowadays and how to get the best out of it. How? You will learn that you can invest more effectively in attracting new clients, keeping the current ones, and creating present and future interactions. All of this will lead to more significant benefits.

So, if you have your own business, have decision power in your company, or want to make a brand more profitable, this is an excellent starting point. Data-driven marketing and the benefits they offer to you will be explained here in an easy way.

Identifying valuable information

Let’s focus first on the following three aspects:

1. Do you know what your business means to you and how to communicate that? (Your purpose, your clients, your standards)

2. Can your key customers find you quickly and vice versa? (Where you are, where they are)

3. Can you effectively use all the information generated with each interaction? (For example, when a potential customer sends an email requiring details about your products, they leave valuable info about their preferences and buying style. What do you do with that data?)

Data-driven marketing helps to turn a significant volume of data into valuable information

You are already running a business; you will probably have a way of operating that has worked for you and brought you where you are now. You know what you offer and your client’s needs, and you have likely shown your product at trade fairs, used flyers to get known and provided discounts to your current or potential clients to keep the former and attract the latter.

Those great strategies in the “outside” world have yielded many benefits. However, there are as well many other things constantly happening digitally. We are operating now in a vast digital ecosystem, a web created for and by brands and clients. Therefore, your company must also find its place in the digital business market.

Do you have enough online presence? Can customers easily find you? Are you able to spot them?

Nowadays, it is not just about having a purpose; you must show it. Therefore, visibility plays a primary role. We would dare to say that nothing precious happens in the business world unless you are visible and able to communicate it.

💡IDEA: A professional corporate website with attractive landing pages where customers feel free and comfortable to explore around is a great way to position yourself online. A better position leads to more contact opportunities, which means more data for your digital ecosystem.

Just stop to breathe, and let’s not jump to conclusions. It is not about being visible everywhere; it is about being present in the key channels, places and moments your key customers are operating in too.

💡IDEA: You can offer a solid brand image by positioning yourself on the right Social Media (SoMe) platforms for your business, where the right audience is willing to follow and interact with you.

Your brand becomes visible, and potential customers become visible to you.

How do you choose the right channel to show your business? How do you engage your target audience?

Here is where data-driven marketing will help you

A well-implemented data-driven marketing strategy will provide you with relevant information offered by your audience through interactions with your brand that show their preferences, needs, or buying intentions. This information becomes valuable knowledge about what those clients want, when, how, and where.

So, your company will know how to position itself to be seen by the right audience.

This way, your present and future interactions will lead to more significant benefits in the short and long term, as you can improve your chances of reaching the right customers and offering the right product at the right time! All the investment in promotion, placement and publicity of your products will be better applied, and you will be able to see the impact on sales of those strategies quickly.

Are you ready for the challenge? The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone.

What we can do for your business

At Acebo, as a B2B company, we are the experts in data-driven marketing. We know how to gather all the data (generated on every search, social media interaction or through forms on landing pages) and transform it into accurate and usable knowledge to make more profitable decisions.

We will help you to:

Identify who and where your key customers are: You can identify them by company, industrial sector, size, and in which step of the buying process they are. So, you will find out if they are looking for information or ready to buy.

💡IDEA for a B2C company: As a brand, you can send coupon codes and email reminders for what age/gender group and products they use to buy. By examining the data, you can target your marketing strategies more effectively toward those clients.

Encourage the potential clients to engage more with your brand culture: Your company doesn’t just offer products; you can also create ways of generating a curious and positive attitude towards them.

💡IDEA: You offer your audience relevant content about the field or products you work with, on a blog, for example. Another way of engaging customers is by allowing them to subscribe to a newsletter or email list where they can be up-to-date with your latest trends.

These simple techniques will improve the user’s experience. As a result, trust and customer loyalty increase, creating more business opportunities.

Why choose Acebo

There is no better moment in history to work together towards success, which means creating and maintaining a company-wide vision for data analysis and implementation.

We have the knowledge, tools and expertise your brand needs to be visible and attract customers most effectively, implementing the right technology for your needs. We also help you better invest your money in data-driven marketing strategies to measure their actual economic impact quickly. That way, the only aspect you should care about is creating more value and sustaining the passion for your business.

An expert and enthusiastic B2B company like ours is what your brand needs to reach the next level.

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