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B2B Digital Marketing Content leads to loyal clients

Content is king. Especially nowadays, when having an active online presence (that requires posting digital material) becomes essential. After all, you want the best for your clients, and you want to show what products and solutions you offer. When done right, B2B digital marketing content can result in that fuel that will speed up the lead-generation process by:

  • Keeping your audience motivated and interested
  • Helping build trust with your site’s visitors
  • Increasing your brand awareness
  • Strengthening your relationship with your customers

We’ll see in this post how to create great B2B digital marketing content and use it to attract and retain customers.

😏 High-quality content aligned with the company goals will put you on the right path toward success.

Top-tier content and trust in b2b digital marketing. sharing your expertise

Generating leads is something all businesses are looking for. It takes time, and it takes effort. It takes patience, and it takes talent. It takes specific and tailored content.

😏The better you get at creating that top-tier content, the shorter the lead conversion process.

B2C and B2B customers usually look for online information when considering a new purchase. However, B2B relationships need some specific approach. This is because costs and volumes are generally higher, and the buying decision process takes longer than in B2C.Trust is a critical factor in B2B. Your clients need to perceive you as an expert in your industry. Perhaps they are not emotionally driven, but want to connect with your brand and share the same values. Your organisation is giving them something that increases their own value. One of the best ways to prove your expertise among your key clients is by helping them in some way:

  • By offering case studies or customer testimonials
  • By sharing easy-to-follow and practical tips
  • By inspiring them to take the next step in their DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION

😏Being helpful is an excellent way to drive engagement. So, when your company invests in creating specific and valuable online material, it increases your brand image, interest and trust.

B2B digital marketing content and lead nurturing

Let’s explore how to attract online viewers and engage them in the lead generation process.

B2B Blog and social media. Your corporate blogΒ is one of the best ways to share valuable B2B digital marketing content. For example, online users who are seeking business advice will find answers to their needs by reading your articles. Keeping your B2B blog updated, posting regularly and addressing your audience’s interests are clever moves that will make it easier for people to follow you. Of course ,your social media activity plays a significant role as well. Being present on the right social network platforms (consider LinkedIn) will significantly improve your brand image and awareness. Customers usually tend to trust brands that keep an active SoMe interaction.

Landing pages (or link al nuevo post). They are often used as a specific lead capture page. Viewers who land on them after interacting, let’s say, with your social media sites, are encouraged to fill in a form with their contact details. From this point on, they turn into leads, and you can start sending them regular information about your products.

Email Marketing. πŸ“©These new leads now have the potential to become your clients. One of the best ways to start a lead nurturing process is through an Email Mk campaign. These regularly-sent-emails will allow you to find out who is interested in your brand. You will also know in real-time who is reading your messages. That definitely will help you direct specific marketing and sales strategies towards those key customers. And remember, all this process is automated thanks to Marketing Automation.

😏 Isn’t it great to know how each of your emails performs and what kind of B2B digital marketing content has the best impact?

From qualified leads to brand advocates

You have your leads, and you are interacting with them. You want to determine which ones are ready to be contacted. So, you need to keep track of their current stage. That’s when Lead Scoring comes in handy. This system assigns points to the different actions taken by the potential client: attending a Webinar, downloading an infographic, or reading emails, for instance. This automated Lead scoring model helps identify the relevant data points and how much they score to decide if a lead has the intention to make a purchase or not yet.

Once a lead is ready to buy, the sales department contacts them. Salespeople now have very useful, personalised data about these qualified leads. Therefore, closing the deal gets easier. There’s the possibility that a potential client is finally not ready to buy yet. They will be sent back to the lead nurturing process in those cases. However, at this stage, chances are that leads convert finally into customers. After a successful sale, you will have a happy clientπŸ˜€. However, this journey does not have to finish here. Customer retention also matters. Any positive post-purchase experience will make clients stay and recommend your brand.

😏How about offering loyalty discounts or extra business advice? Your customers will feel delighted.

After the deal is closed, there are two key aspects to encourage:

  • Loyalty– Your satisfied and delighted client is considering repurchasing a product from you or even opting for something else you could be offering. So they will contact your sales team. Little by little, they become loyal to your brand. We can see how the process reinitiates at a different stage.
  • Advocacy– Your happy customer will spread the word about your business, encouraging new unknown potential buyers to pay attention to you. The more grateful they feel, the more willing they are to say positive things about you and how your company solves pain points. Word of mouth works wonders!πŸ“’

😏The final result could be having a loyal client and a brand advocate. Your current clients can, ideally, be both.

Wrapping up. you should be investing in b2b digital marketing content

At this point you know that thanks to digital marketing strategies, not only do you generate leads who can become your loyal customers but a fantastic hint about what content you should be creating in the future. Moreover, being able to identify what B2B digital marketing content has the best response from your audience will enhance the quality of your strategies: more personalised, specific, and efficient. So, basically, this is a process of testing what’s working and what’s not. Just remember:

  • All your online activity is like a digital interactive card business.
  • What you post online should be both educational and engaging. If you are consistent, trust will increase over time.
  • You will learn by doing what B2B digital marketing content has the expected response so you create more accordingly.
  • A happy client can become a loyal client and a brand advocate, bringing new potential customers.

At Acebo, we know how important automation is to measure the impact of all your digital marketing strategies. Let us help you create the right path to grow your business.

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