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A B2B blog as an open door to digitalisation

“No thanks, I am just looking”. Clients often want to look around freely when they walk into a shop. That’s why a B2B blog opens a door to digitalisation. Even if their buying intention is sometimes hidden and they are not yet ready to show it, the online world offers a new approach.

Customers are likely to check a company’s website or B2B blog  to explore different options first, so they don’t feel pressured to make an on-the-spot decision. This is part of their buying process: information search and evaluating suitable alternatives.

A business site should provide helpful information about the company and its products, including text, images, and even videos. It represents a window shop of what clients will find “inside” if they stop by.

It goes without saying that keeping an active website is a must.

  • You will improve your communication with your clients.

  • You will be perceived as an expert in your field.

In other words:

You will build trust👐 with your visitors. Trust will lead to customer loyalty.

😏Your business will upgrade that customer experience with a corporate blog.

We will show you the following:

  • How your company benefits from blogging

  • How customers benefit from your company’s blog

  • 3 reasons your blog is not successful yet and how to fix it

Keep reading this blog post, and your company will be blogging in no time.

Blogging in B2B is sharing. Be noticed by your clients

A corporate blog offers another way of communicating your purpose and expertise. As a company, you have accumulated a lot of experience over the years. Therefore, you probably have overcome different obstacles, adapted to new trends, come up with different strategies. 

😏Sharing some of this knowledge, anecdotes and case studies with the world is what a B2B blog allows you to do.

A B2B Blog increases customer engagement

From a reader’s perspective, they will surely appreciate a piece of great content that is easy to understand and offers solutions.

😏 Imagine a potential client at their office, at home or even on the go, scrolling down your blog’s front page, finding helpful content that meets their needs.

That info they consider so valuable is one of the main inputs you are offering with your company’s blog. However, it is not the only one.

What else can your subscribers get from your blog?

First-hand practical knowledge.

As mentioned above, the audience really appreciates your know-how. They need practical advice and, why not, new ways of doing business. If you consistently share that expertise with them, they will feel grateful and willing to talk positively about you.

Keep updated with the latest trends in the market.

Your company’s blog is an excellent place to share the latest trends in your field or what your company is up to.

It is commonly said that technology is the future. However, we would dare to say that this is not entirely correct. Technology’s also the past and the present: It has been in our lives for a while now. Therefore, if your company already knows how digital transformation can enhance your key customers’ lives, blog about it!

At Acebo, we do it!

😏We all are constantly facing new challenges and opportunities in business. Try to offer valuable tips and solutions to adapt to change: a digital transformation with the right expertise.

3 Reasons nobody is reading your B2B blog yet (and how to fix it)

Why would your key and current clients not be interested in your blog? After all, you have a solid brand and a message to convey. 

Let’s explore together three possible reasons you are not getting the attention you deserve.

Your content is too complex.

You are passionate about your business and how you can improve your clients’ daily life. However, maybe you are too willing to share it: After all, there are so many technical terms you could be using in your posts that would certainly educate your audience and… hold your horses!

Your readers are there because you make the whole blogging reading experience both enjoyable and productive. They want to connect with your content, so they need to feel they get your message without feeling overwhelmed.

😏Break up text, skip long paragraphs, use bullet points, avoid too many technical terms and enjoy the creative part of blogging.

They haven’t found you yet. Considering SEO

We all are information seekers. We want to make the most out of our knowledge. And we need to build community.

Invest some time in promoting your blog. Share it on your SoMe accounts, and email it to your newsletter subscribers.

Google will also help spread the message. Write your text and headings using an eye-pleasing way and include keywords. For example: “Six reasons to have an active website“, ” Email Marketing, clients want to hear from you.”

😏If you want to rank higher in search results, include more engaging and SEO-oriented content in your B2B Blog.

Wrapping up: why your B2B company should be blogging

Your company has a mission, and your blog communicates it.

Subscribers will relate to it. They will be part of your community. They will feel taken care of. Chances are they will be your next clients.

If you need some inspiration, at Acebo, a digital growth agency, we blog to keep you updated with the latest trends and tactics for an optimal digital environment.

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