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Digital transformation: are your clients getting the message?

“Why should I digitalise my business?” That’s a question you will likely ask someone trying to talk to you into digital transformation. Someone like us. 😊 And guess what? You don’t want it to go unanswered. Neither do we.

In this post, we will answer this question for you. Moreover:  

  • We will share some practical advice to help you get noticed by clients.

  • You will learn practical tips on working with customers to generate trust and loyalty.

If you are interested in knowing more about the digital transformation’s role in business growth, stick around

What digital transformation means…for your business

Being digital right now means being where most of the business activity takes place. For sure, your company wants to be where the action happens. Our current world is multidimensional. We interact  with each other no matter the distance. Thanks to technology, we can add more individuals, products and possibilities to the equation… from our own desks. For sure, this new reality differs from the physical dimension. We bring part of the known into the unknown.

When you achieve digital transformation, you will bring all your current client’s portfolio, business know-how, and successful procedures over the years into the online world. You just need the right tools and expertise to do so. Keep on reading.

Some of the benefits of digitalisation:

  • Your key clients will be searching for products or services like yours, and they will easily find you. Digital adverstising is another great way to advertise your products.
  • You will be able to spot those prospects comfortably thanks to the large amount of data they provide every time they do an online search or purchase.
  • Digital Marketing will translate that data into valuable knowledge to adopt successful selling strategies.

All these simultaneous interactions in the digital world will lead to new relationships with others and ourselves.

🤔 Say you are discussing a new exciting product over coffee with some clients. At the same time, they are checking their phones and being exposed to online advertising… from competitors.

So, how can you get and keep their attention? Standing out from the online crowd seems to be a clever move. However, it would help if you were “picky” when choosing your audience. Remember, you don’t especially need a big one to start with. When your tribe is big enough, you won’t need to spend much time finding new members. Instead, current clients will get new clients. All organically and digitally. 

Tips to get noticed by your potential clients

We have seen that “the more, the merrier” doesn’t necessarily seem to apply in the early stages of your digital transformation. At this time, what could actually work is a slow-paced approach, which will reach the appropriate speed when the right moment comes along. “Online is a fast-paced system”,  you could say. However, your company needs to find its particular growth of rhythm. And you will accelerate the process later.

🤔Finding your right audience is one of the main aspects your company should focus on. Digitalisation helps your company to be visible to those target clients and vice versa.

It goes without saying that you have to take some action to position yourself. In fact, you should follow some specific procedures to attract the appropriate audience.

Make sure your message is clear:

The stories you tell (your site content, Social Media (SoMe) interaction and presence) matter. Potential customers will know about you just by checking what you share. Your online image has to be a reflection of you. What you show is not only what you want to be identified with, but what  your real values are.

  • Speak the same language as your audience.
  • Be sure you are offering something they can benefit from.
  • Simple strategies could be implemented right after reading or listening to your content.

🤔What about posting some tutorial videos on your website? Or some free downloadable business-related material?

Choose the right platforms:

Thanks to digital transformation, you will get valuable data about where your clients like to interact and acquire information. As there are different SoMe platforms, find out where your prospects and  competitors are, and start sharing relevant content there. Linkedin is nowadays one of the most dynamic work-related online tools. It is business-oriented and an excellent channel if you want to network and grow your audience.

Digital transformation getting the message

In business, as in life, we tend to think that the more we have to choose from, the better decisions we will make. After all, knowledge is power. Nowadays, all of us manage large amounts of data.

The possibilities seem endless regardless of where you look at or what you listen to. However, do we need that much information? How much data can our brains actually process efficiently at a time? In fact, not much.

🤔Our brains, as our budget, are limited. Therefore, choosing where to focus our attention and money effectively is necessary. Committing as well.

Both clients and companies are busy. And as there is this wide variety of items and services out there, nobody really wants to get too involved in the searching and choosing process. This can be very time-consuming. That’s why after creating your online customers’ net, you should be building a close and trusting relationship with them. So you shorten the process by showing them the best path.

🤔Digitalisation shapes our access to knoweldge.

However, it is still sometimes tricky to stick to one choice. We all can feel tempted to change sometime, to try somewhere else. The goal here is to show your client you are their best possible choice. So, expand together those limits  previously mentioned. Growing next to your clients will make the process more sustainable and profitable. In addition, sharing a passion and a purpose will create a better bond with them.

Get all your company to move forward on a system that will lead to more visibility, opportunities and growth. Your clients will get the message. And they will respond accordingly. 

Summing up: a digital transformation commitment

Having a digital presence will allow you to:

Engage your online audience. People with common interests usually find each other and share ideas.  You can keep an open conversation going with your prospects by using Email Marketing or offering dynamic and captivating material on your corporate Blog ( yes, you definitely should have one ).

🤔Automation will help your company to check their marketing strategies results. So you will be able, for example, to track which links are clicked by prospects on your site.

Be a role model to your customers. By posting and sending useful material on a regular basis, and not only when you try to sell them something, you are actively showing that you care; even more  importantly, they will notice that you know what you are doing. Chances are customers will be positively inspired by you.

Be open to evolve with your clients. The digital world is very dynamic. So be ready to adapt to the new trends, at the rigth speed and without losing your essence. After all, your customers like you and trust you to grow together. In a point-and-click (or tap or swipe), you can connect with them and help them decide day-by-day to stay with you.

Becoming digital is your next step in business. At Acebo, we have the right expertise to guide you and provide professional digital support.

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