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Benefits of marketing automation

Marketing automation has evolved into a necessity for anyone who considers themselves a marketing professional. One of the benefits of marketing automation is time. Time is money, and the more time you spend generating value, the better. The process a user goes through until they become your customer is long, and always expensive. With the advance of technology and new channels, the points of contact between company and user increase and expand.

With traditional marketing methods, it is difficult to deliver content that is relevant to the user, and impossible to deliver it through each customer’s preferred channel in real-time. When you have a large number of potential contacts, of which you don’t know which one will end up becoming a customer, spending time with each one in an independent and personalized way makes you invest time in contacts that will never become your customers. Marketing automation allows you to sift through your contact base so that you only invest time in those who really have a buying intention.

Personalization and Efficiency

Marketing automation allows you to relate in an efficient and personalized way with each of your customers, building a logic with a software that will perform for you inbound marketing tasks, and will allow you to save a remarkable amount of time, and therefore, a remarkable amount of money.

Your customers are increasingly using digital channels to find products and services. They research, download information, attend webinars, and all this long before they are ready to buy. In response, marketing and sales departments must be involved from the beginning of the buying process. This is where marketing automation becomes a powerful tool that allows companies to analyze large amounts of data. This increases marketing efficiency quickly, effectively, and automatically, ultimately improving sales.

The first to implement a marketing automation system were large companies. They discovered the value it brings and take advantage of it. Now it’s the turn of the small and medium-sized companies. So much so that they now represent the segment with the greatest growth in the use of this technology. This is happening because it is a cheaper and more effective service than traditional marketing. In addition, marketing automation is valid for all types of industries. From B2B, sectors such as manufacturing, high technology, or commercial services, to B2C, such as financial services, media, or retail.

What benefits does marketing automation offer?

Marketing automation helps you to better understand your customers and thus be able to communicate with them how, where, and when they are most receptive to your message, including:

•  It is capable of segmenting your audience according to the degree of interest shown by each user, thus allowing you to take specific action for each one based on the level of interest shown. The score that each lead (identified user) receives according to their interest is called lead scoring, and the function of generating personalized content to increase their score is called lead nurturing.

•  It streamlines the operation of the marketing and sales departments. Communication is more effective since the marketing department is able to pass potential customers with the greatest purchase options to the sales department, which will only have to be in charge of closing the cycle and finishing the process.

•  It offers the possibility to analyze your efforts in real-time. Marketing automation tools allow you to analyze the current status of each client in a second, providing information on: if you have opened an email or not, if you have clicked on the link that interested us or not, or how much time has been spent on a page, etc.

•  It guarantees to have a very precise knowledge of how and where the money is invested to promote your business, and it indicates where you get the best return on investment. In this way, you make sure to invest where you know you are going to make a profit.


Data that supports the benefits of marketing automation:

+ 20%

“Nurtured leads” generate on average 20% more sales opportunities than “non-nurtured leads”.
Source: Salesforce


Personalized emails generate up to 6 times more impressions than non-personalized ones.
Source: Experian


Emails sent through”marketing automation” generate 18 times more revenue.
Source: Jupiter Research

+ 53%

Conversion rate from response to marketing to potential customer using ” marketing automation”
source: Marketo

+ 50%

Of the leads businesses generate are qualified, but not ready to buy right now.
source: Salesforce

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