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Why content marketing and marketing automation go hand-in-hand

The marketing objectives are clear: create new opportunities to increase sales while keeping your current customers happy. Clearly, content marketing plays an important role in this. When you provide relevant, reliable, insightful, and actionable information, you use a proven and powerful method to attract customers to your business. But trying to do it all manually is a daunting task that can keep you awake for hours.

Here are three ways that content marketing and marketing automation go hand in hand:

1. Commit and stay present on all channels

Marketing automation is not a one-size-fits-all tactic. Rather, orchestrate the use of multiple touchpoints (social media, email marketing, and SEM among others) to engage in ongoing conversations with your clients or prospects.

Before, during, and after the sale, marketing automation helps you easily interact across various channels, connecting browsing habits to landing pages, newsletters, and social media usage. Your marketing automation platform tracks every customer and prospect to deliver personalized content on every channel.

Each content campaign should, for example, engage with users on one channel, greet them at their stage of the buying cycle on the website, and continue the conversation on the next channel to push them later in the buying cycle.

Here are some examples of how marketing automation and content marketing work together across different channels:


  • Social media: Your social media marketing content gives users the opportunity to engage with a campaign in their own territory. Marketing automation helps you get to know customers as they engage, so you can better understand what content builds relationships and drives sales.
  • Email: Believe it or not, email remains one of the most powerful channels for your content, and marketing automation can ensure that these messages are always personalized and relevant.
  • Web: Your website is the center of your marketing, and marketing automation makes it more than just a library or an “online business card”. Convert anonymous visitors, deliver strategic pages to users you know, and direct visitors where they really are interested.
  • Smartphones: Content is increasingly being adapted to mobile devices, and marketing automation can make it increasingly personalized. Create a seamless mobile experience and communicate with customers based on location in real-time.

Marketing automation or marketing automation can track and control the content that each user sees and interacts with in each channel, so duplicates are never sent, the content is more specific, and each point of contact advances in relation to its own activity.

2. Deliver relevant and personalized content to each lead or customer

Lead “A” is not at the same stage of the buying process as lead “B”. Businesses should tailor the content that is sent to potential customers to the stage they are in, rather than blindly distributing content to the masses. Marketing automation provides each customer or prospect with specific and meaningful content.

If you’ve tried to manually catalog all of your available content, marketing automation eliminates that task, and more, with several smart features:

  • The content predictive and analysis puts more relevant content automatically against every potential customer when they visit your site.
  • The A/B tests show the best results or what the audience prefers. There is no better way to improve your content than to base it on your own audience’s preferences.
  • An optimized and synchronized database automatically updates your CRM in real-time, based on customer behavior.
  • The “retargeting“ uses all the data you collect into an audience database to create more personalized and targeted ads on every popular advertising platform, including Google, Facebook, and YouTube.
  • The web personalization collects information about the behavior of each visitor, even anonymous.

Each lead and customer has unique needs and preferences. Marketing automation is the weapon that ensures that all the hard work you put into your content doesn’t go to waste. Deliver the right content to the right user every time.

3. Real-time analytics of all your marketing campaigns

Marketing automation is essential to executing any long-term marketing strategy, but what content really works? Are you attracting qualified leads? Are your content marketing efforts really driving sales? Can you measure ROI accurately?

Marketing automation provides the data to answer your questions and improve your processes, allowing you to:


  • Identify the most effective channels and campaigns with A/B tests.
  • Easily view and share analysis by creating simple, custom reports with the data you need most.
  • Demonstrate how your content influences buyer behavior and even links revenue directly to particular campaigns.

Marketing automation takes content marketing to the next level

Automation in any environment frees up time and ensures that the most important tasks stay on track, so nothing and no one is left behind.

Marketing automation can help you easily create and track content across all platforms. You can deliver the correct content to each user, so their hard work is not wasted. A good marketing automation system can report on the performance of your content on every channel and in every situation. If you are ready to take your content marketing to the next level but are not sure where to start, do not hesitate to contact us, we will help you decide based on your needs.

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